We look forward to helping clients across the world achieve their dreams of getting into the habit of EXCELLENCE. We consult a variety of people in their personal and business lives. We are already consulting students with scholarship prep, veterans with event planning checklists and volunteer coordination, local businesses with logistics support and services, and new business owners with the why and how to do their official filing for their legal business entity.
Our advisors get right to the point and keep you moving along the road to success. RATES are listed below each specialization.

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1 to 1


1-on-1 coaching is for people who are eager to change, develop, and optimize their daily lives. They comprehend that there is no wonder arrangement – that it requires some investment, energy, and monetary obligation to arrive at your objectives. On the off chance that you are searching for the most economical arrangement, rather than the most ideal arrangement, at that point this won’t be a solid match.
Our 1-on-1 instructing is an interest in YOU, your customers, and your business. We are working to build your brand, raise your revenues, and keep improving your processes for exponential GROWTH. Our advisors will build your ACTION Plan and provide guidance and motivation to accomplish the mission.
RATES start at $75 per hour


Arranging an occasion or meeting is rarely simple. The process can be long and, regularly, somewhat rough for organizers and venue owners. Let us handle your logistics! We provide professional and reliable DJs, Silent DJs, VJs, Engineers, Technicians, and friendly Customer Service Representatives to make sure your event goes smoothly for you and your clients. We have plenty of industry connections…ask about a service and let us HELP YOU!
RATES vary by service: DJs start at $100 per hour while a CSR starts at $15 per hour



There’s something else entirely to corporate branding than simply having a logo. Let’s figure out how to take your organization’s WHO, WHAT, WHY and HOW and transform it into a solid brand campaign.
A brand is the arrangement of assumptions that builds excitement within your clients. At the center of each brand is a vow to those you serve – a guarantee to reliably do or offer something in a manner they generally expect. What our clients generally expect of us is based upon the establishment of what we expect of ourselves. Train yourself and your team to expect and accomplish greatness, consistently.
RATES Start at $75 per hour to build your business NOW!


A strong advertising plan can take your business higher than ever. A well-built advertising plan can help you understand your business, align client objectives with business objectives, ensure everybody is on the same wavelength, stay zeroed in on what’s significant, and make better choices. In short, we are going to build, implement, and boost your promotions and advertising while maximizing your ROI.
RATES Start at $75 per hour



We were decorated and distinguished Army Logistics Officers who bring our highly dedicated style of service to our clients. We provide quality results and certified solutions to your logistical needs. Not only are we school-trained, but we have solidly proven ourselves in the world of ground, air, and rail transportation for more than 60 combined years of moving precious people, office and event equipment, museum-quality art, frozen and perishable items, vehicles, and containers of hot food.

Ask us about your transportation needs, from delivery of equipment to airport shuttles to corporate travel to birthday groups and all sizes of wedding parties. We provide discrete, on-time, reliable, and clean options for your guests to avoid traffic and parking situations. Our preferred valets are insured and polite and so are our customer service representatives. Let us train your team!
We are happy to quote your transportation rates by sending an email to
RATES start at $75 for customized training


A project manager, with the help of their team, is charged with multiple responsibilities that span the five project phases of a project life cycle; initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing. A successful Project Manager does all this within the Iron Triangle, also known as, The Triple Constraint. The Triple Constraint in project management refers to time, scope, and cost. Time is your schedule, scope is what we call all the tasks needed to reach the project goals, and cost is the financials or project budget. We are here to help you with this.
RATES start at $1oo per hour


Quality Management is very important at all times. You can produce your deliverables on time and within budget, but if the quality is lacking then the project isn’t successful. We help with this! By focusing on Quality Assurance right up front you build your strategy into processes. We make sure you are meeting preset quality requirements with useful products to make your processes soar. We optimize growth and continuous improvement techniques because we believe Quality Management should be strictly adhered to right from the start.
RATES start at $50 per custom checklist


This is where your strategy is refined and finds its air. This technique can be summed up as constantly checking the actual performance of your project against its planned performance. When anomalies occur, we can catch them quickly and fix them fast to maintain control. We aim to provide innovative, effective, and efficient ways to continuously improve. For additional details please contact with us.
RATES start at $50 per Site Visit and just $100 for Team Meetings


ServSafe is a food and refreshment security preparing and authentication program directed by the U.S. Public Restaurant Association. The program is authorized by ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection. Most places and persons who provide food for public consumption need this as an essential certification for their staff. To date more than 5 million ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certifications have been granted. Let us help you pass your exam or let us come to your establishment to help you pass your next inspection. Step by step instructions to accomplish and improve your Competition Status is also provided.
RATES start at $75 for a Site Visit and $50 per hour for Exam/Competition Prep


The PAX Chauffeur Certification is a national chauffeur training course that ensures chauffeurs are ready to provide the highest levels of safety and service to their passengers. We believe this course empowers new and experienced chauffeurs alike with knowledge and the confidence that they are ready to provide service and safety above and beyond what is expected of them. When it comes to customer service you can never learn enough and even the smallest touches go a long way. We have used the PAX Customer Service method for over 5 years to help give a deeper understanding of what service is and how to satisfy our clients. We provide clear actionable tasks that can be done to further improve future service experiences.
RATES for Customer Service Training start at $100 per hour


Since moving here in 2010, we have become very active volunteers in the Atlanta area and have met some awesome nonprofit leaders and teams. A lot of times they are too busy to focus on marketing, promotions, and advertising. We are here to help. Let us help you organize your volunteers, your events, and your required objectives and nonprofit goals. We also help you find new members by building your presence on Social Media and teaching you how and when to post on the different platforms. People who donate love to see how you are spending their resources and volunteers love to see the organization being active in the community. Let’s show them what you do and how they can help you do more!
RATES for nonprofit organizations are 50% less than what is posted.