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How To Be Successful

As they start to move towards a more nimble approach, a more responsive approach to some of the big tectonic shifts that are happening like COVID, organizations are going to need people that are change makers, they’re going to need people who can turn ideas into reality. They’re going to need people who can take a concept and run with it, design their solution themselves, build that solution themselves. And if they have an entire organization that can do that, that gives them tremendous flexibility.


5 Ways Project Managers

There has been much debate about what the post-pandemic recovery will look like. The pessimistic view advocates for an L-shaped recovery (i.e., a dramatic fall and extended period of minimal growth). My view is that the K-shaped recovery seems more plausible. A K-shaped recovery means that some parts of the economy will recover and grow rapidly while other groups and industries will have a much slower recovery.


Startup Statistics (2020)

Do you have an idea that you think could change the world? Are you dreaming about earning millions or even billions of dollars by launching a business around this idea?

You could be the founder of a Startup. Startups are a leading business model that drives innovation and economic growth across the world. New types of products and services are created by startups each year. They are the manifestation of creative and ambitious entrepreneurs who have amazing ideas.